Adventure (Teen), Dystopian, Fiction

Positive by David Wellington

I didn’t think this book would be that interesting when I first heard about it. I mean, there have been so many novels about zombies that I really didn’t think that this one would be any different. However, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Finnegan lives with his family in a relatively large community of healthy humans. Healthy nowadays means not a zombie. The community lives in fear of zombie attacks and never venture too far. But when Finnegan’s mother turns into a zombie, authorities tattoo him with a positive sign and send him off to a camp where he will wait until he turns 20 to be declared safe and uninfected. However, the military transport vehicle he is in gets attacked and Finn must now find a way to the camp on his own. As he makes this perilous journey, Finn soon realizes that there are those more dangerous than zombies in this land and no one is to be trusted.

This book is quite fast paced. In the beginning, it felt a bit jerky but once I got through a few chapters, it became very interesting. Finn is a simple character who shows more and more strength as the book goes on. The book doesn’t really have much to do with zombies; most of the problems are because of humans! It was a short read and I really liked the storyline. I wouldn’t buy it but I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a fast paced, action packed novel!

Happy reading ~

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