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Paradise City by Elizabeth Day

I can’t recall the last novel I read that was just realistic fiction. I read so many science fiction and fantasy and thrillers these days that all of the titles and plots that come to mind are from these three genres. This novel was my attempt to even the score (even though I’m pretty sure I will always be partial to fantasy and thrillers)! Anyways, let me jump right into my review!

Howard Pink is a successful businessman, someone who came from nothing and became something. But along the way, tragedy has hit him in the form of the disappearance of his nineteen-year-old daughter 15 years ago.

Beatrice Kizza is an immigrant from Uganda, who had to flee persecution because of her love for another woman. She now works as a maid in a hotel, and had the lucky – or perhaps, unlucky, opportunity to meet Howard Pink.

Esme Read is a reporter that is desperate to make it big and she sees the chance to do so through the famous Howard Pink. Just one interview could make or break her… but she doesn’t know which yet.

Carol Hetherington is a widow who is doing her best to live her life normally, until the most abnormal and unexpected thing happens to her.

How are they all connected? InΒ Paradise City, you are about to find out!

The one thing I hate about waiting for a while to write a review about a book is that my impression of the novel changes. When I first read this novel, I was blown away. I thought it was fantastic and unique and I only had good things to say about it. In hindsight, I still maintain that it was a good novel. But it wasn’t spectacular. At first, the weaving of the different characters and stories is interesting. But when you reread the story or reflect on them again, they don’t seem all that great. It’s still done very nicely, and you can definitely see how one’s life can affect so many others’ without ever realizing it… but it’s not some crazy interaction that blows your mind away. All in all, it’s a good realistic fiction and the author does a good job in creating unique personalities for the 4 main characters and intertwining their lives.

Don’t agree? Let me know why! Agree? Still let me know why! I’m always eager to hear from fellow readers and bloggers so please don’t hesitate to send me a comment!

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