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Orphan Train by Christina Baker Cline

I’ve been waiting so eagerly to read this book. The storyline just seemed so intriguing and I’ve been wanting to read a historical fiction book for a while now. Most of the ones I’ve read in this genre were on topics I was familiar with like WWII. This was my first step away from that into a topic that I really didn’t know much about.

Vivian Daly was a young Irish immigrant who had moved to New York City with her family. A tragic fire led to Vivian becoming an orphan overnight. Now, she is being sent on a train with many other orphaned children across the country in the hopes of getting adopted by a family.

Back to the present, Molly Ayer is a troubled teen with yet another foster family. After getting caught for stealing, she is given the task of completing 50 community service hours. Mercifully, she gets a chance to volunteer at an old woman’s house cleaning up the attic.

The two stories merge into one as Molly begins to sift through the memories and secrets found in the attic of none other than Vivian Daly…

I really liked this book. It was a very nice story with just the right amount of heartache. It has a wonderful happy ending and I liked the joining of the past with the present. Did I absolutely adore and love this novel? No. I have read better books. But this was an interesting topic and the novel itself was written quite well. Anyone looking for an interesting read in this genre should definitely check this book out!

Happy reading ~

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