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One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

This book is on the lighter side of things and it was a nice change from my usual genre. It was sweet and touching and just an overall good book.

Jessica has a very difficult life. Her ex-husband has done a vanishing act and can’t be counted on for any financial help. Her son is being bullied at school and she can’t make it stop. Her daughter is a math whiz who gets the opportunity of a lifetime but Jessica can’t afford it. And her job as a house cleaner and barmaid isn’t paying her all too well. Basically, Jessica needs a break. And she gets one from a person she never expected would help. Ed is a millionaire and software genius who is lying low while facing some problems of his own. But he decides to help Jess, who cleans his home. What starts off as a small favor turns out to be a road trip that no one will ever forget.

This is definitely one of those chick novels. It is very emotional and there is a lot of emphasis given to the struggle that Jess has to go through as a single mom. One thing I really liked about this book is that it told the story from the perspective of every character, not just Jess; it really helped bring about the theme of family as it showed how everyone gets affected by the same event in different ways. It isn’t exactly a fairytale but everything works out in the end and that made me happy. If you’re looking for one of those happy ending kind of books, this is definitely up your alley!

Happy reading ~

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