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One For The Money by Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum series #1

When someone first told me to read this novel, I didn’t really think that I would like it. I don’t usually like humorous books that have a lot of flirting in it. I prefer more serious and thrilling novels. But I am no book snob so I decided to take the opportunity to get outside of my comfort zone.

Stephanie needs a job – and fast. She can’t seem to find any job that fits her and her rent is coming up FAST! So when her uncle has a position free as a bounty hunter, Stephanie jumps at the chance. And who does she get but Joe Morelli, the man who stole her heart many years ago and never gave it back. It doesn’t help that Morelli is a cop who knows how to be a fugitive. Plum is going to need all of the help she can get from expert bond enforcement agent Ranger, a hooker named Lula, and all of her quirky family members.

I couldn’t stop smiling throughout this novel. Yes, Stephanie Plum comes off as the stereotypical pretty girl who somehow has enough smarts to save the day. But she is so spunky and sarcastic that you can’t help but love her. Although there is a hint of romance, it turns into a wonderful friendship which I really enjoyed. And it isn’t like Stephanie is ditzy; on the contrary, she feels things deeply and has a strong sense of morality and justice. I am now super addicted to this series and I cannot wait to read the next novel in the series! If you are looking for a quirky detective fiction series, this is one to check out!

Happy reading ~

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