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Nightshade by Jonelle Patrick – Only In Tokyo Book #1

When I turned 12, I found myself experiencing Japanese culture for the very first time. All of my friends and peers were interested in manga and anime, and everywhere I went in school, I would hear people say random phrases in Japanese. Naturally, I got caught up in the hype and I soon became a huge fan of everything Japanese; I loved the music, their art, the language, their festivals… I just loved it all! Even now, Japan holds a lot of allure and after reading this novel, I’ve decided to go back to exploring everything this country has to offer. But in the meantime, here is my review:

In Japan, group suicide has become a common trend, with many websites offering advice and services for those trying to quit their mortal bodies. So when Kenji Nakamura encounters a car with thr body of 3 victims, he is ready to write it off – until he notices that the third victim doesn’t seem to belong to this group. Why would a Goth Lolita in Mary Jane’s choose to die in such a way? When Kenji’s suspicions are voiced by the victim’s best friend, Yumi Hata, he knows he must act quick to figure out what is really going on here – and whether there is a serial killer on the loose.

This novel is one of those great crime thrillers with a whodunit storyline. I loved that it was set in Japan and incorporated slang terms and cultural aspects. I always enjoy reading novels that are told from a different cultural standpoint because it is just so refreshing. The story itself was good and the reader was given plenty of clues throughout so that you could solve the mystery on your own. I especially liked that there was a romantic aspect involved; it added a little spice to the whole scene! Overall, this was a great crime fiction novel with enough Japanese lingo to keep me happy. It is part of a series so definitely check it out!

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