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Night Shift by B. R. Myers – Night Shift #1

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

No one wants to work the night security shift at Willard’s department store. 18-year-old Daniel Gale is about to find out why. Tired of living on the road, he accepts the position of night guard at Willard’s. On his very first shift, Daniel almost falls down an elevator shaft, but is timely rescued by Mary, a bossy and intriguing girl working in after-hours inventory. As each night shift approaches, Daniel looks forward to spending more time with Mary. But the more time he spends at Willard’s, the more he senses that something is not right. There is something downright unnatural about this store and he has a mind to find out what.

I honestly loved this novel! It was such a fun and enjoyable read that it kept me engrossed throughout the journey! I was expecting a ghost story, something a bit more sinister. This novel was actually nothing like what I expected and that was the biggest surprise to me! There was this whole Hollywood-glam vibe associated with this story, with the traditional Willard’s department store and the references to Hollywood classics. The world building was something I really enjoyed reading about it, and it made the story so much more unique! I loved all of the characters and their interactions; it was all very genuine. I think that the love angle that was part of this story was perhaps a bit too quickly developed; it would have been nicer for it to have a slower progression. But that’s my only complaint. Overall, a marvelous entertaining read, and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

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