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Never Never Part Two by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher – Never Never #2

After the first book ending in such a cliffhanger manner, I knew I had to read on and find out what would happen to Silas and Charlie. As soon as I got a copy of this book,  I stopped doing everything else and just sat down and read until it was all done. Good thing the novel was short!

Silas wakes up, not remembering anything. He is in a car, all by himself, in the middle of nowhere. But he spies a letter, a letter that is written by him and someone named Charlie which is supposed to explain his circumstances. The only instruction in the letter is to find Charlie. With no knowledge about himself or his life, Silas sets out to find Charlie – and find out what is going on with his memory.

To be honest, this novel was a let-down for me. I understand that they always lose their memory within 48 hours at an appointed time (no, that is not a spoiler!) but half of this novel was just a rehashing of the previous novel with a bit more detail. The only time when it started to move beyond that was after the half-way point, and by then, the novel was close to being done. I know that the author is trying to make it more realistic and stick to the idea of complete memory loss but sometimes being this thorough can leave a reader wanting! Since this is a trilogy and I’m almost done, I’m going to read the last book. I hope that the conclusion of this mystery is satisfying enough to justify having to keep returning to the same starting point!

Happy reading ~

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