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Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

I don’t usually come across books with two authors but, well, this is one of those times! It was a surprisingly short read – until I discovered that there is a sequel! I thought the premise of this novel was interesting and decided to give it a shot, not expecting it to be a time investment. Boy, was I proven wrong! The blurb for the book is quite short so I have taken the liberty of extending it (by a lot) and I hope that I don’t give away anything by doing so…

Charlie and Silas can’t remember anything. They don’t know their names, or where they are, or who they are supposed to be. But they know that they are dating. They know they have history. And so, they decide to work together to find out what it is they have forgotten – and why they have forgotten everything.

I can’t say any more than this without revealing too much. As I mentioned earlier, this is a really short book because the story is continued in another novel (which I will definitely be reading). This novel was very interestingly written, and had both characters’ perspectives. It transcended the teenage love story theme and was quite thrilling to read. I was literally sucked into this crazy world of Charlie and Silas and I could not put the book down. After reading it, I am hungry for more. I NEED to know what happened to the two of them. Suffice to say, this novel was a teaser to the sequel because just as it begins to pique your interest, it ends. I would recommend this to teenagers everywhere – it’s got great potential and is a break from the dystopian genre that has been so prevalent!

Happy reading ~

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