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Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt

I like weird novels with weird stories that could literally take you anywhere. That’s what I felt about this novel, when I first read its premise. It was just so out-of-the-box and unexpected that I was excited to give it a shot. Well, here is my review!

When you are a ward of the state, there aren’t many options you have in terms of places to live. Ruth and Nat are orphans that live together with a group of other children in a home run by a religious fanatic. With nothing else to do with their time, Ruth and Nat channel the dead for those who ask for it. Decades later, Ruth’s niece, Cora, is struggling to find her place in the world, especially now that she is pregnant. Suddenly Aunt Ruth appears and makes it clear that she wants Cora to follow her, all while remaining mute. As Cora and Ruth walk across the entire state of New York, Cora begins to wonder what exactly Ruth’s mysterious mission is and what her role is in all of this.

Even though it has been a couple of days since I have read this book, I’m still confused on my feelings about it. That isn’t to say that this book isn’t good. It’s very very good. It’s well-written and has an interesting slew of characters. The story jumps back and forth between the time that Ruth and Nat were at the group home to the present time when Cora and Ruth are on their mysterious adventure. Throughout the novel, I kept wondering what it was that was bringing these two events closer and closer together. All the while, I was fascinated by both of these two storylines as separate entities. I will confess, I preferred the story line concerned with Ruth and Nat more than the one with Cora and Ruth, but both very so intriguing. One thing is for sure: at the end of the novel, you yourself will be questioning whether there was any truth to it at all. Overall, this was a bizarre and interesting read, and if you are looking for something that will be completely unexpected, then check this novel out!

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