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Morningstar by Pierce Brown – Red Rising #3

Yes! I finished the series! It might have taken me forever but I have done it! And to celebrate this accomplishment, here is my review!

Darrow is alive but just barely. Betrayed by those he trusted the most, he finds himself broken and lost. But the Sons of Ares still need him. His people still need him. And so, Darrow will rise again to fight against the Golds, his friends and enemies, and see this war to the bitter end.

I honestly cannot say more than this about the novel without giving everything away, and then there would be no point in you reading it. But what I will say is that I was definitely happier with this novel than I was with the second book in the trilogy. The battles and politics were more interesting and there were a lot of unexpected twists and turns to keep the story line engaging. I’m still not completely happy about the character development of Darrow; he still seems fake and scripted in some areas. But there is a definite improvement. I am also on the fence about the ending: there were things I liked and things that I thought were just plain ridiculous. Either way, this trilogy hooked me in and kept me engrossed until the end and I’m sad to have to let it go. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie they make out of it (although it won’t be as good as the books)! 

If you’ve finished the series, let me know what you thought! Did you like how it ended? Who was your favorite character? I’m dying to know what you think and I really hope you can give me your input!


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