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Miller’s Valley by Anna Quindlen

This is another novel given to me as an advance copy and since its release date is coming up (I think it should be out in a couple of days!), I prioritized it and finished it all in one night. The story is definitely a change from my usual thriller genre but still enjoyable nevertheless. Hopefully my review will give you a good idea about whether this novel is the right fit for you!

Mary Margaret Miller and her family have always lived in Miller’s Valley. They are the Millers of Miller’s Valley and don’t intend for that to change. The valley itself is a big low area near the big dam that was constructed by the government years ago. But now, the government has decided that this valley is the perfect area to let the water fill in. Amidst the government’s efforts to convince people to leave Miller’s Valley, Mary Margaret must decide what she wants from her life. Is her life meant to be here in the valley, with her family and the farm? Or can she dare to dream bigger and be more than she ever thought possible?

This novel is a slow but endearing read. Mary Margaret is a quiet character, who has a good heart and does what is right. The story deviates from the actual valley issues with the government and focuses more on the family dynamics of the Millers. I won’t lie and tell you I was engrossed in the story the whole time; there were definitely some boring parts that could have been left out and sometimes I just wondered where everything was going. But it is a sweet novel about family ties and ambitious dreams, and about a girl learning to find her place in the world. If you like realistic fiction and affable main characters, then this book is definitely the right one for you!

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