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Midnight Never Come by Marie Brennan

I don’t remember where I saw this book, only that its premise was interesting enough for me to remember it and want to read it. I’ve been waiting for a bunch of books I’ve placed a hold on to become available (and it irks me that the one time I am free to read, I have no books available) but since I don’t have any, I decided to borrow this one.

England is flourishing under the monarchy of Elizabeth I, the last of the Tudor line. But beneath her court lies another, more sinister one: the Onyx Court of the Fae, ruled by the ruthless Invidiana. During the reign of Elizabeth, these two courts have become inextricably interwoven with politics and betrayals running deep. And two courtiers are about to discover just how deep. Deven is trying to work his way up into the ranks of the Elizabethan court by attempting to discover the identity of the hidden players. Lune is typing to curry the favor of Invidiana by spying on the Tudor Queen. Together, Deven and Lune may be able to save the English world – but which court will they support?

I love anything to do with the Tudors, especially Queen Elizabeth. I also love everything fae, mostly because I don’t know much about this topic. This book should have been perfect for me because it combined both of these things. Sadly, it was not. I tried really hard to like it. The author gave a great amount of detail about the Tudor court and the political intrigue was quite interesting. But I found the Fae aspect to be lacking somewhat and the plot progressed very slowly; I got halfway through the book only to realize that I had forgotten what was the point of the whole story. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give this book a pass. But if anyone else attempts to read it, please comment below and let me know if it is worth a second shot!

Happy reading ~

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