Adventure (Teen), Dystopia (Teen), YA Fiction

Messenger by Lois Lowry

I was really struggling to come up with a review for this book. It is the 3rd book in the Giver series and I didn’t want to give anything away. That’s always the difficult part with writing a review for individual books in the series: how do you write a review without giving away the prequel? Hopefully I’ve managed to do it here.

Matty lives in Village with Seer, a warm and welcoming place. Under the wise care of Leader, it has become a haven for all those seeking refuge from their previous lives. But things are changing and the Village has started to show some darker colors. With some villagers now wanting to close Village to outsiders, Seer begs Matty to make a journey back to his original place to fetch his daughter. Matty, who acts as messenger and travels through Forest frequently, accepts and hastily starts his journey. But as he goes through Forest, he finds himself in a dangerous situation, one he never thought could happen…

Usually I find that the second and third books in a series aren’t as good as the initial book but in this case, I am completely wrong. This book was fantastic and carried through with the story seamlessly. I loved how it connected the first and second books; putting it all together felt great, almost like putting all of the pieces together in the puzzle. Please please please give this series a chance. This is a series that people of all ages can enjoy so I really hope you will read it!

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