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Map of Bones by James Rollins – Sigma Force series #2

It has been SO LONG since I read anything from the Sigma Force series. And once again, I am stuck in the position where none of the books I put on hold are available. So I may as well catch up on some of my series, especially when they are FANTASTIC AND WORTH READING!!!

During a packed cathedral service in Germany, a group of intruders wearing the guise of monks unleash a nightmare of violence in their quest to find a valuable treasure – the bones of the Magi who paid homage to a newborn saviour. With the Vatican now in a state of turmoil, the Sigma Force unit has been called into action. Under the command of Grayson Pierce, the team must work together with Rome’s carabinieri to pursue the deadly mystery that will weave them through the Seven Wonders of the World and lead them to an ancient and power-hungry secret order. For these ancient relics hold a strange power of their own – and in the hands of these dark ones, it can lead to the destruction of humankind as we know it.

I have to honestly admit that this novel was not as good as the first novel I read in the series. I found it a bit harder to follow what was going on. The good thing is that this novel seemed way more realistic in certain aspects than did Sandstorm. Nevertheless, this was an amazing thriller and was just as adventurous and provocative as any novel by Dan Brown. I loved the journey through all of the different parts of the world and the connection with Christianity. My favorite aspect was the blending and acceptance between science and religion. The storyline was fast-paced and exciting and the conclusion was satisfying. I will definitely be continuing my journey with this series and I recommend anyone who is a big fan of Dan Brown and historical thrillers to give this series a shot!

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