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Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

I’ve become extremely lazy with this blog. It’s not like I’ve stopped reading; I read every single day on my subway rides and even at home in the evenings. But when I actually have to write my review, I push it aside and hold off for a bit. Maybe it’s from the exhaustion of my job or maybe it’s because I have been preoccupied. Either way I need to get my act together and get going on these reviews!

Ani is one of those miracle stories. She’s gone from a nobody to a somebody. She has an amazing job as a magazine editor, a rich and handsome fiancée, and a beautiful apartment with all of the furnishings. But she also has a secret and a dark past, one that still makes people give her double takes. Now, before her wedding, she has decided to participate in a documentary to tell everyone what happened to her all those years ago. But telling the truth may lead to consequences that even Ani can’t foresee.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this book. So many reviewers were saying it was akin to Gone Girl and that it would keep you hooked. I wouldn’t rate it as highly as that. When I read the first chapter, I didn’t really like it and almost put the book down. But as I pushed through, I must admit that the story got better and better. The author mixes the past and present throughout the novel (which I liked) and I really liked the crass way that Ani talked and thought. I actually enjoyed the ending; it gave some hope to the main character which wasn’t something I really expected. But the dark past wasn’t all that terrible of a secret so the premise for the whole story just didn’t seem quite there for me. It was a decent novel and not a bad read but definitely not worthy of Gone Girl praise.

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