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Love and Lady Lovelace by M.C. Beaton

It sounded cute and I wanted to read something light. Don’t judge me!

Lady Lovelace has been married twice, both times for wealth. Now she is a widow and has accomplished everything she set out to accomplish. Her sisters are married, she has a good fortune, and her people love her. When she goes on a trip to Italy, she leaves her cousin behind to look after her estate for her. Upon her return, she is devastated to find that she is all but bankrupt. She must now put herself on the market to find a new wealthy husband who can rescue her from this financial situation.
Meanwhile Lord Philip Osborne is in dire need of money. Being the youngest son, he will receive nothing from his father. All he wants is to have a nice piece of land to farm and enjoy but for that, he needs to get his hands on some fortune. With encouragement from his friend, he decides to put himself on the market in the hopes that some wealthy woman will fall for him and marry him.
Lady Lovelace and Lord Philip meet by chance at a ball and both believe the other to be rich. When they get married, they discover their predicament and must now somehow make ends meet.

The best way to describe this novel is Sophie Kinsella – meets – Jane Austen. It’s cute and funny and totally PG-13. It’s got that Victorian charm where everyone is trying to get hitched and no one really knows what’s going on in the mind of the other person. But it’s very cheerful and preppy like the Shopaholic books. Either way, I finished this novel in about 2 hours and it put me in a happy mood. If you’re looking for a light read, I would definitely recommend this! Apparently, the author has more books like this in a series – but you don’t need to read them in any specific order since each story is completely different from the next. I’m looking forward to reading more by her!

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