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Lexicon by Max Barry

This is quite different from the books I’ve been reading recently because it’s a science fiction novel. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I’ve read something in this genre; I quite missed it all. I’m glad to be able to say that this novel exceeded my expectations and was a thrill to read.

Emily Ruff is a girl who lives on the streets. As a street magician, her only concern is with how she will make money for the next day. But one day she is selected to join an academy. Here, students aren’t taught normal subjects. Instead, they are trained in the art of persuasion and coercion through language. Emily is fascinated and grows to love her school lessons. But then she makes the terrible mistake of falling in love, a mistake that will change her life forever.

This book was amazing. It had so many twists and turns that I could never guess what was going to happen. It was so detailed; you really had to read every single word and pay constant attention to it. If you are reading this book without giving it your full attention, then you won’t enjoy it because you will miss out on the minute details. The entire concept itself was genius; the use of language combined with psychographic markers is beautifully shown here. There are actually two narratives in this novel but I didn’t want to describe the other one as I was sure I would give it away. The way they converged was just seamless. I plan on buying this book as soon as I can and I can’t wait to find more by this author! I recommend this for anyone who loves science fiction and is looking for something new in this genre!

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