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Lacy Eye by Jessica Treadway

I found the story line for this novel quite intriguing and I had to wait for quite a while to read it. It’s another psychological thriller novel (because I’m sure you’ve realized that I’m quite addicted to that genre). Anyways, here is my review.

When Hanna and Joe send their youngest daughter, Dawn, off to university, they don’t have the highest hopes. With her lazy eye and her shyness, they just want Dawn to come into her own skin. So when Dawn brings her new boyfriend, Rud, over, everyone is very surprised. No one could have predicted the aftermath: that night, Joe is killed and Hanna is brutally attacked. Dawn’s boyfriend is put into prison for committing this crime and Dawn is exonerated of all blame.
When Rud wins an appeal and Dawn comes running home, Hanna decides to do all she can to relive the events of that night to make sure that Rud never gets out of jail. What she ends up remembering may not be what she expected….

This was a good novel. Not amazing, but definitely not terrible. It was quite easy to predict what had happened by the time you got to the middle of the story (which doesn’t necessarily mean it was bad). The characters were decently depicted to be satisfactory. It just touched on the subject of mental disorder, never explicitly saying anything. If you’re looking for a semi-dark read, then this is a good book to get!

Happy reading ~

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