Fantasy (Teen), YA Fiction

Ink by Amanda Sun

This us another Harlequin teen book with a Japanese-Canadian twist. The story is about a girl named Katie who is sent off to Japan to live with her aunt because of her mother’s passing. It’s a new country and a new language so she struggles to adjust. She meets Yuu Tomohiro, an aloof 3rd year and is drawn to him instantly, even though he is cold towards her. However, Tomohiro has a secret: he can make his drawings come to life. Katie now finds herself in danger as mysterious things happen around her and people try to come after her and Tomohiro all the while as she tries to figure out who or WHAT Tomohiro really is.

This book is your stereotypical teen novel with its romance and intrigue. There are some nice, Japanese-style drawings in the book and the blending in of Japanese culture and mythology is a nice touch. But I wouldn’t call this book anything extremely special. If you are looking for something mildly interesting with teen romance, then read this book. If you really get into it, then you will be happy to know that there is a sequel out for this book so you can check that out for yourself!

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