Contemporary, Drama, Mystery/Thriller

In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

I remember seeing this book as a hot new release in my library and having to put a hold on it because it was a pre-release selection. At that time, I was very excited to get a chance to read it. But by the time I got it, I found that I couldn’t remember why I had been so excited about it. Nevertheless, I made it my mission to get through this novel and give an honest review about it. So here I go!

Nora and Clare used to be the best of friends. But that all changed back in high school. Now, it has been ten years since they were in contact with each other. And Nora has been happy to keep it that way. But then she gets an invitation to Clare’s hen party, a weekend in a remote cottage with a handful of close friends. Nora reluctantly agrees to go, thinking of it as a good opportunity to reconnect with Clare and move on from the past. But then things go terribly wrong and the past looms closer than ever. In these dark, dark woods, Nora is trapped with her lies and secrets and they threaten to destroy her life forever…if they don’t kill her first.

This novel was a decent thriller. It had a good flow and it had me guessing for quite a while. I liked the interactions between the different characters and really enjoyed the personalities of some of the minor characters. However, the ending was easy to figure out and the whole matter was resolved quite simply so that was a bit lackluster for me. Also, the author gave plenty of hints about what Nora’s secret could be so it wasn’t really a shock when all was revealed. It was a short, nice read but was a bit lackluster compared to other novels I have read in this genre.

Happy reading!

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