I’m A Book Polygamist

Yeah, that’s right. You read the title correctly. I’m going to say it loud and proud: I SUPPORT BOOK POLYGAMY!

But seriously, what does this mean?

According to Goodreads, you can either be a book monogamist or a book polygamist. This refers to how many books you read at one time. If you are a monogamist, you read one book at a time and only pick up the next book when you are done reading your first book. If you are a book polygamist, you read multiple books at a time.

So, yeah, I’m a book polygamist. And it’s not as crazy or controversial as it sounds (or maybe it is…)

So why do I read multiple books at a time?

Well, one reason is because of my huge list of books. Typically, I will have physical books that I borrowed from the library, as well as online books I’ve borrowed from the library to read. I also have a bunch of eARCs to read from various sources (Netgalley, Edelweiss, and some sent to me by authors). Then there are the books I’ve bought and want to either read or reread. That’s a lot of books.

If I were to read each one at a time, it would be impossible for me to meet all of my reading goals and deadlines. It would also be hard to prioritize. Should I finish the library book that is due in 2 days or the ARC that is due on the same day? What should I do about this super long book that is 400+ pages, when I also have other books that are due before that one? In situations like these, it just makes common sense to read multiple books at a time.

The other reason that I practice book polygamy is that I’m a mood reader. Sometimes, I can sit and read a deep and thought-provoking book … but other times, I’m looking for that fast-paced, action-packed read. If I’m in the middle of a slow burner and feel like I need to turn to something else because I can feel my attention slipping, I do it. Then, when I’m back to that slow-burner-mood, I return to that book.

Now, I can see why a book monogamist might think the idea of book polygamy isn’t so great. What if you confuse different stories or characters? That’s a valid point.

To be honest, I’ve never had that happen to me. I find it super easy to just keep all of the different stories straight in my head. Maybe it’s because all I think about are books! I know a lot of other readers keep a little journal with them or use sticky notes to keep their ideas and thoughts straight about the different books they read. This is a really handy way to counter the issue of getting novels mixed up and it also allows book bloggers to organize their thoughts for review posts!

I’m sure there are positive things about book monogamy. Maybe it’s more satisfying to get through your TBR one book at a time. Maybe it’s easier to not have to keep multiple storylines straight in your head! At the end of the day, reading is reading and as long as you are enjoying the journey, nothing else matters!

So tell me: are you a book polygamist or a book monogamist? Or are you a mix of both, depending on the situation?

Do you prefer one over the other?

Are there any other reasons or benefits that you know of ?

Comment and let me know!!

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  1. I would consider myself a book monogamist, but there are times I do read two books at a time and I always feel very rebellious with myself LOL. I thought it would be hard to keep stories straight so I never used to read more than one at a time, but then, like you said, I started having deadlines to return books from the library / sometimes I like to listen to an audiobook + read a physical book depending on my mood, so I found it wasn’t so bad and it has been great for getting through more books!

  2. I’m definitely a book monogamist, but also a mood reader, which slows my reading list a lot, haha. Typically I finish books in one sitting since I’m a fast reader, but the ones I do put down, I have to wait until I’m in the mood for it again, and won’t start another in between. I can keep everything in a book straight, though, which is nice!

  3. This post title had me laughing out loud.

    I am a mixture; I prefer book monogamy because I have the attention span of a goldfish and reading multiple books at once can confuse the hell out of me, but I am also a mood reader so sometimes I have a heavier literary fiction read that I am reading alongside some sf/f.

  4. Ahaha snap Vee, I’m a polygamist like you! I have been known to read 1 book at a time and only start another when I’ve finished one, but that doesn’t last long. I’ll end up picking another book up if I’m not feeling like reading my current read.

  5. I’m usually a polygamist but I can sometimes be a monogamist too! Like you, I’m a huge mood reader so yeah I keep picking up different reasons. But another huge reason for my book polygamy is that when I really want to read something the book I was originally reading isn’t there. Like I started reading an e-book but now I’m at school so I just start reading one a the library or if I started a paperback book but forgot to bring it when I went outside then I’ll start reading an e-book.
    I totally agree, it’s pretty easy to separate the characters especially when you’re reading different genres(which is quite often the case with me)
    Anyway, it has never been more crazy than 5 books at a time(I almost lost my mind keeping up) so yeah it’s a pretty great way to quickly go through your books 🙂
    Loved this post!

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