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Horns – novel and movie review

So I first watched the movie because I had no idea that the movie was based off of a book. Also, I really love Daniel Radcliffe (die-hard Harry Potter fan here)! I had to wait quite a while to get a copy of the book and read it but I didn’t rewatch the movie after because I was still able to remember everything clearly. So without further delay, here is my review:

Ignatius wakes up to find horns sticking out of his temple. Which is the last thing he needs considering that the love of his life, Merrin, had been murdered a year ago and everyone thinks he had done it. However, he discovers that the horns have a special power to them; whenever he is with other people, they end up not being able to lie about anything. As his day proceeds, he finds himself getting more and more information on people’s views about him – and information on what really happened the night that Merrin was killed.

So the movie was really really good. It captured the essence of the story and the acting was great. They mostly stuck to the plot. However, there were things that the book had that the movie simply couldn’t capture. For instance, parts of the novel are told in the voice of other characters, making it more macabre and disturbing (but in a good way!). Also, there is a big religious theme and a lot of “mystical” events. The ending isn’t the same between the movie and the book but surprisingly, that didn’t affect the tone of either one!

All in all, the movie adaptation of the book was pretty good. Both have a dark, cynical undertone that will make you wonder if this book is brilliant or just really really messed up. It was definitely a good read and I would also watch the movie more than once, which makes it a success in my books. I really hope you give this a chance because I’m confident it will be worth your while!

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