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Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

This novel is actually a sequel to You, which I had written about previously. When I first began to read this novel, I was happy and surprised to find out it took place right where the previous book left off. I devoured this book in one sitting and enjoyed it immensely, if not more than its predecessor. So if you have not checked out You by Caroline Kepnes, then please do so! And come back and read this novel afterwards!

Joe is living it up with his new girlfriend, Amy. So what if things didn’t work out with Guinevere Beck? She was fake anyways. Amy understands him, and loves him, and she is all he has ever wanted. Joe is happy. Until he discovers that Amy ran away with a bunch of priceless copies of some classics. Now Joe is on the hunt. No one lies to Joe and cheats him in this way. He will get even. And Amy must die. As Joe makes his way to Hollywood, he finds himself becoming immersed in the culture of young upstarts. But soon, his past with all of the hidden bodies starts surfacing and Joe becomes more antsy by the minute. Will he be able to survive this stint in Hollywood? Or will his deadly secrets finally catch up to him?

This is the first novel where I have actually been on the side of the psychopathic killer. I don’t know at what point in this novel things changed for me, but by the end, I was rooting for Joe! This novel was dark and outrageously humorous as it describes Joe’s (mis)adventures. At times, it read like an expose on the lives of the rich and famous, pointing out how ludicrous they are and how shamelessly people would go about trying to become famous. At other points, it was horrifying to see the way Joe came up with plans and executed his victims, the ones he believed deserved justice. It was thrilling to watch Joe trying to evade his past while maintaining a cool facade to those around him. This novel was immensely satisfying, and well worth reading for those who like creepy psychological thrillers. If you like messed up books that make you rethink how well you know someone, READ THIS NOVEL! Actually, I don’t care what genre you like, READ THIS NOVEL NOW. GO OUT AND BUY THE PREQUEL AND THEN BUY THIS ONE AND READ THEM ALL IN ONE DAY! It is a fantastic read and Caroline Kepnes created a perfect psychopath through the character of Joe Goldberg. Trust me on this book… you DO NOT want to miss out!

Happy reading!

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