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Her by Harriet Lane

I read this book on a whim and finished it quite quickly. It felt like quite a short book and was a page-turner. Anyways, here is my review.

Emma is a tired mother of a toddler who is expecting her second child. When she gave up her career as a news reporter to be a stay-at-home mom, she hadn’t expected to feel so depressed and tired all the time. When she meets Nina, she can’t imagine why this woman would even bother talking to her. Nina is clearly a woman who has a thriving business and is successful in every single way. So Emma is clearly delighted to make Nina’s acquaintance and become friends with her. But there is something else beneath Nina’s perfect façade, something dangerous…. And it’s directed right at Emma.

The novel is written in both characters’ voices, which was quite nice. From the beginning, the reader knows that there is something going on with Nina and the book keeps taking you deeper and deeper into her back story. In comparison, Emma seems so much more artificial; her past is almost irrelevant to her and all she focuses on is the present (which makes sense since she is a young mother). I was really enjoying the book when suddenly, it ended in the most abrupt way imaginable. I mean, I’m sure that that was the effect the author was trying to get at but I don’t know if I really enjoyed it that much. It was a pretty good read, along the lines of some of the psychological thrillers I’ve read and blogged about so be sure to check this one out!

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