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Heartstopper by Joy Fielding

In high school, my librarian recognized my love for horror and disturbing novels (not that I didn’t read “normal” books) and recommended this one to me, saying that she couldn’t get through the first chapter because it was too gory. Of course, I accepted this as a challenge and made up my mind to read it. It is definitely chilling and disturbing but I loved it all the same.

This book is about a town named Torrance in Florida where pretty local girls, the heartstoppers, are kidnapped and brutally murdered. The new English teacher, Sandy Crosbie, finds herself worried. She thought this would be a nice town where she could get a break from her cheating husband and could raise her teenage daughter. Now, with a killer on the loose, it is up to Sandy and the town sheriff to keep the girls safe and to find the killer before they strike again.

Let me just say that if you figure out who the killer is before the book ends, then you have some crazy supernatural power because I was blown away when the truth emerged. It was really well written (albeit with some sexual content that didn’t really need to be there) and it was gripping from the first page to the last. This is one of my favorite books by this author so make sure to check it out if you are into grisly, twisted murders!

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