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Ha’Penny: Small Change series by Jo Walton

This book was a tad bit of a challenge for me in the beginning because it had been a while since I read the first book. But it didn’t take me long to get right into it and blaze through it!

Viola Lark loves the theater. She even left her whole privileged life behind for it. When she gets a call from her sister, Sibby, she is quite wary but agrees to meet with her. However, Viola discovers that Sibby and her “friends” are part of a treasonous plot to bomb the prime minister and his guest of honor, Hitler. Will she take part in this conspiracy? At the same time of this discovery, Inspector Carmichael of the Scotland Yard is working on a case where an actress has been blown up in her home.  Is there a connection? Carmichael is about to find out!

That was a bad review. But it is really hard to describe this novel without giving everything away! I really liked this book and the story was so intriguing and exciting that I couldn’t put it down; I HAD to find out what would happen! All I can say is that this book is worth reading, especially if you have read the first one! I am now on my way to getting onto the next book in the series!

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