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Hangman Blind by Cassandra Clark

I don’t know where I know this author from but for some reason, her name had a ring of familiarity to it. So I picked up this book to read. I used to really love historical fiction; to be honest, I was pretty obsessed with it! My tastes are definitely more diverse now but I’m always looking for a good book steeped in history! Anyways, here is my review!

The year is 1382 and Abbess Hildegard has been sent out on a mission to secure some land for herself in order to start her own priory. To do so, she must seek the permission of the Abbey of Meaux. But as she travels through the treacherous woods, she discovers the dead bodies of a group of men. During a time where loyalties are shifting constantly, Hildegard must be careful with whom she trusts. To make matters worse, an assassination attempt occurs and it is up to her to find out who was behind it – before she is next.

Overall, this was a decent book. I didn’t get the satisfaction I was hoping for. The time period was not one I knew  very well; if it hadn’t been for my Shakespeare course, I would probably have been completely lost! It was also a bit weird for me to read about Hildegard having romantic thoughts about male figures she encounters. I mean, yes she is human and I’m sure other nuns have been in similar situations in their life but it still felt unnecessary and out of character for Hildegard. The mystery itself was a slight disappointment. It kept building up but the actual discovery was less than astounding. It was a nice, short read and the diction used was amazing. But I don’t think I’m going to read the rest of the books in the series.

Happy reading ~

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