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Half Bad by Sally Green

I’ve heard a lot of controversial things about this book. Okay, maybe controversial is a strong word to use for a fantasy novel. What I mean to say is that many people have mixed feelings about this book. Quite a few of the reviews I read said it was terrible or that it was boring. But I decided to give it a go anyways because I firmly believe in making up my own opinion. So here is my review!

This story takes place in England where witches are in abundance, completely unbeknownst to the humans around them. The world of witches is divided into two groups: white witches who are said to practice good magic and black witches who do bad magic. Nathan has the misfortune of being half-Black and half-White. He is ostracized by everyone in the White community and his only hope is that his powerful Black witch father (who he has never met) will come and take him away. Even as he fantasizes about this reunion, the White witch council is hunting him, going so far as to lock him up in a cage until his seventeenth birthday. For he must receive his three witch gifts by then – or die.

Although I can understand why people may not like this novel, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the mix of modern England with something as archaic as old magic. The characters were strong and Nathan’s journey took him literally EVERYWHERE. The torture scenes were very well-written and quite graphic! I honestly cannot wait to read the sequel because I really need to find out what will happen to Nathan next! I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking for something addictive and fantasy related!

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