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Good Girl by Mary Kubica

I was recommended this book because of my love of dark novels and I must say that this novel is definitely sinister. It was slow going at first but I’m glad I pushed through with it!

This novel revolves around one incident: the kidnapping of Mia Dennett, daughter of a prominent judge. The reader glimpses the impact of this event through the eyes of Eve, Mia’s mother, who is distraught and feels guilt. We also glimpse the event through the eyes of Gabe, the detective in charge of this case, who is beginning to realize that not everything is what it seems in the Dennett family. Most surprising of all, we experience the kidnapping through the eyes of the kidnapper, Colin; he was merely supposed to deliver Mia to his boss but instead, he decides to keep her with him and hide her from the world. As the story moves from past to present, the real motive behind the kidnapping is revealed.

At first, I thought this novel would just be about the sufferings of a mother and the challenges that detectives face. But it’s so much more than that. It is about love and betrayal, about family secrets, and even about doing the right thing in the midst of evil. I truly enjoyed the book and I loved how shocking the ending was. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a dark and moody book!

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