Adventure (Teen), Science Fiction

Golden Son by Pierce Brown – Red Rising #2

After how fantastic Red Rising was, I knew I had to get my hands on the rest of the books in the series. Although I have now completed the trilogy, I will do my best to ensure that my review is only for this specific novel.

Darrow is now part of the elite Golds, commanding his own fleet and serving for a powerful family. But Darrow has not forgotten who he really serves. The Sons of Ares are still working with him to overthrow the Golds and the situation is more dire than ever. But as the stakes rise, so do the doubts. Who can Darrow really trust? Who is the real enemy at play? And will Darrow be able to commit to his task, now that he has found true friendship – and perhaps, love?

My summary was short because I didn’t want to put any spoilers. I am going to be extremely truthful and say that I really did not enjoy this novel. Where Red Rising was fast-paced and filled with interesting battles and politics, Golden Son was full of filler information and was detailed to a fault. The battles, politics, and turmoil that was occurring throughout the novel were quite boring in comparison to Red Rising and Darrow’s character felt very scripted. There was constant head-turning as the author kept running around you in meaningless circles, in an effort to confuse that just ended up ruining the whole story. The only saving grace was the jaw-dropping conclusion that was quite unexpected. That is the only reason I am not dropping this series right now. Hopefully, the conclusion to this trilogy will be satisfactory.

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