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Friction by Sandra Brown

Among my literary friends, Sandra Brown was a popular author. I would always hear of some book by her in passing and would be urged to read it. This time, instead of promising to read it in the future, I decided to actually pick up one of her novels and read it. So here is my review:

When a Texas Ranger shows up to court to regain custody of his 5-year old daughter, he doesn’t expect anything strange to happen. When a masked gunman barges in during the hearing with his sights on the attractive judge presiding over the case, the Ranger reacts instinctually, protecting the judge and then proceeding to stop the gunman. However, authorities apprehend the wrong man, and the real gunman manages to escape with his identity remaining a mystery. Now, everyone is under suspicion – including the Ranger himself. Will this lawman jeopardize his custody for the chance to catch this gunman?

I felt like this novel was just okay. There wasn’t anything that was so amazing about it. The character of the ranger was decent; he was a stereotypical rough-around-the-edges kind of guy and, other than his soft spot for his daughter, that was all there seemed to be in terms of his personality. I had not known previously that the author writes romance thrillers so I was quite surprised by the romantic aspects and descriptions in the novel. They weren’t good or bad…. they just … were there. They really served no purpose other than to provide some steamy content. The whole plot just seemed to have no purpose and the ulterior motive that was presented did not equate to the crime being committed.At least it all ended in a positive way – that was probably my favorite thing about the novel! Overall, this was a decent story but with nothing remarkable to show. If you like reading thrillers with a little bit of erotic content, then you should read this novel and check out more by this author. If you prefer hardcore action and thriller, then you should probably look elsewhere.

Happy reading ~

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