Romance (Teen), YA Fiction


This is a book from my childhood. I don’t know why I had a sudden urge to reread it but I did. And it is just as amazing now as it was then.

Told in alternating voices, this story is about a boy named Bryce who moved to a new neighborhood and a girl named Juli who falls head over heels for him. He explains his trials and attempts at getting away from him while she explains how he wants to be with her just as much as she does. But when certain events happen to change their lives, both Juli and Bryce discover that maybe their initial views of each other were wrong from the start.

This book is cute, funny, and heartwarming. It is a preteen novel that can be read at all ages. When I was younger, I enjoyed the comedy of it all but rereading it made me realize there was so much more to it than just what’s on the surface. If you’ve read my review of Let’s Get Lost (where I basically begged you to read it), then you may see some similarities between these 2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS BOOK! I’m pretty sure you will love it!!!!!

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