Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia

Hattie Hoffman has spent her entire life trying to be what everyone expects from her: a good daughter, a good student, a good girlfriend, a good friend. But Hattie isn’t satisfied with the way her life is. She wants something bigger… something far more dangerous than she could ever imagine. When she is found stabbed to death, the tragedy rips through the community – and rips apart Hattie’s many facades. As the story reveals the explosive secret Hattie had been hiding, it begs the question: who killed her … and who is the REAL Hattie Hoffman?

I found this story to be quite interesting. The author writes from the perspective of multiple characters at various time points, allowing the reader to glimpse the situation from all angles. This was done quite nicely, with every character having a distinct voice. Hattie was by far the most mysterious character, and I was intrigued by her all the way until the end. The author also did a good job of keeping everything a secret until the last chapter; in most cases, I am quite good at guessing who the perpetrator of the crime is but this one took me by surprise. The story was well-written and kept me interested throughout. I don’t know if I would give this a glowing recommendation; it didn’t really do too much for me. But it is still a very good novel that will catch you by surprise, so if you are looking for a new mystery/thriller to read, I would give this one a shot!

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