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Everyone Talks by Lee Child – Season of Stories

I feel like everyone has at some point seen Lee Child’s name – most commonly associated with a new Jack Reacher novel. I’ve always wanted to read something by him but I’ve never really taken the leap. I think the main reason is because I don’t know where to start. For instance, there are a lot of books in his Jack Reacher series and I don’t know if I should start right at the beginning or not; it just seems like such a daunting task! So when I saw that the latest short story from Season of Stories was by Lee Child, I thought this would be a good introduction to his work!

This short story is part of a collection of stories on Jack Reacher. In this story, a cop hears about a John Doe who has just come into the local hospital with serious injuries. When she goes to the hospital in order to ask follow-up questions, she discovers that the John Doe has a bullet wound. Knowing that there must be more to the story than just a bar fight, the cop asks John Doe a series of questions in order to get to the bottom of this mystery.

If you haven’t guessed already, the John Doe is Jack Reacher. I quite enjoyed this little story. It started off intriguingly enough and I wanted to know if the cop would figure out what happened. I really liked the writing style; it’s not too descriptive and the author likes to write short sentences at times, which really makes the reader pay attention to what is going on. Even though this was a short story, it had its fair share of action. The ending definitely took me aback, and it made me wish that this short story was longer so that I could enjoy the details more and have things be drawn out. I think that this story definitely did a good job of making me interested in the Jack Reacher series … so now, I have more books to add to my TBR list! I would definitely recommend people check out this short story collection by Lee Child, especially if they are fans of Jack Reacher!


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