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Eleanor by Jason Gurley

I usually have a reason behind why I pick a novel. It’s usually because it is being read by many people or because it has an interesting description or is in my favorite genre. This novel, however, I chose quite randomly. It was almost as if it was telling me to read it. Anyways, I decided to place a Hold on it on a whim and then I conveniently forgot about it. Until just recently when I received my copy of the book. I had to refresh my memory on what this book was about and I decided to be a good sport and give it a try. So here is my review:

Eleanor and her twin sister, Esmeralda, have always been a pair and are known for their ability to drive their mother, Agnes, crazy. When Agnes takes them with her to the airport to pick up her husband, a terrible accident occurs – resulting in Esmeralda’s death. This one moment changes the future forever. Now, Eleanor is sixteen years old and lives with her mother, acting as her caregiver while Agnes tries to block out her memories with alcohol. Her father only shows up for visitations and leaves her to look after Agnes all on her own. The only friend Eleanor has is Jack, a boy who knows what it is like to have a fractured family. Just when things don’t seem like they can get any worse, Eleanor finds herself being continually ripped from her reality by an unseen force, a force that transports her to different times and places. Why she has been chosen by this force, Eleanor doesn’t know. But there has to be a purpose and a mission involved – and Eleanor is about to find out.

At first, I found this novel to be a tad bit slow. It kept flitting between different times and places and I didn’t really understand what was going on. But pushing through was worth it. A good deal of the story was full of sadness, as the author establishes the effects of the tragedy of Esmeralda’s death. However, the story truly picks up when Eleanor keeps getting removed from her world and put somewhere else. I loved the journey that the story took me on and when everything was revealed, the pieces fit together beautifully. This novel is deep and definitely makes you think about what could happen if just one thing in life was changed. I really really hope you will give this novel a chance to win your heart, because I am CONFIDENT that it will!

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