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Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

I had the opportunity to read this book before its release and give my feedback about it. I am so grateful for this chance, especially since I always feel like I’m the last person to read the up-and-coming books! What makes me even MORE happy is that I’ve read Mary Kubica’s work before and I really really REALLY love her style of writing (check Pretty Baby and The Good Girl)! Anyways, here is my review:

When Quinn Collins can’t find her roommate, Esther Vaughan, she begins to get a little worried. Esther would never just LEAVE without giving some kind of notice. But as Quinn becomes more antsy, she decides to snoop around for clues in Esther’s room. What she discovers makes her question whether she really knew Esther at all…

Meanwhile, in a little town outside of Michigan, Alex sees a mysterious young woman in the quaint little coffee shop where he works. He is immediately drawn to her and takes the time and effort to befriend her. But he may have chewed off more than he can handle…

As both Alex and Quinn make their way into the depths of madness, a family’s secrets will finally be brought out into the open – but will it destroy them in the process?

As usual, Kubica delivers a profoundly intense thriller. It is gripping and twisted and will keep the reader engaged with every turn. Every character, every conversation, every detail is significant and it is all tied in seamlessly at the end. I love how the story is told from alternate points of view and the final convergence of the two story lines is masterfully done. It is everything you could hope for in a thriller – and I’m sure readers will love to get their hands on this novel when it is released!

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