Family, Mystery/Thriller, Science Fiction

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Once in a while, you come across a book with the most unusual premise and you know you have to give it a shot. It could be a terrible novel or an amazing one, but it is a chance you are willing to take because you just need to know where the author goes with this idea. That’s how I felt about this novel. So before I give away too much, here is my review:

Jason Dessen is a man who lives an ordinary life. He is an ordinary college physics professor, who once had high hopes for a career in research but gave them up for his family. He has a wife and son that he loves beyond belief. There is nothing that makes him unhappy. But he has always wondered what could have happened, and how his future would have turned out if he had pursued his dreams. One fateful night, Jason is abducted by a masked man, who only asks him “Are you happy with your life?” before knocking him unconscious. When he regains consciousness, he finds himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers who are congratulating him for being successful. In this world that he has woken up to, Jason is a celebrated genius. His wife and son no longer exist but Jason has managed to achieve something remarkable that he had always deemed impossible. And while this may have once been his dream, all Jason wants now is to return to his family. But will he be able to battle an unbeatable foe and make it back? Or will he be lost in this new world forever?

This novel is crazy. I can’t just classify it as a science fiction novel because it is more than that. It is a story about an adventure, it is a love story, it is thought-provoking in a way you could never imagine. It has combined elements of so many genres in such an effortless way that it truly is a masterpiece all on its own. I have never been so engrossed and involved in a story before. This novel is one that definitely needs to be on every person’s reading list because I guarantee it has something for everyone. I loved it and I am positive you will feel the same way if you give it a shot!

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