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Dark Corners by Ruth Rendell

I get biweekly newsletters from the library that informs me of the latest novels coming in. I make sure to go through the newsletters thoroughly because a lot of times, I find some amazing novels like The Library at Mount Char. This book is also something that I found through the online newsletter and I had to wait quite a while for my library to order it and make it available.

When Carl sells some old dieting pills to his friend Stacy, he did not expect it to cause her death. Not only does he feel guilt for her accidental death but Carl’s tenant knows the truth. Dermot doesn’t like paying rent and now he has the perfect plan to save his money. He begins to blackmail Carl, all the while driving Carl to the edge of madness. How far can Dermot push Carl? And what happens when Carl reaches his breaking point?

I blazed through this novel in a couple of hours. There were a whole host of characters introduced and at first, it wasn’t clear how everything was connected. The story gradually came together but it wasn’t always as nicely done as it could have been. In the beginning of the novel, there is an interview of the author’s where she says she wants the reader to pity the psychopath. Unfortunately, I never did. Characters that I didn’t like in the beginning, I still didn’t like them in the end. No matter how much the author may try to show me a more humane side to them, I just didn’t see it. The other thing that caught me off guard about this novel was the ending. It was quite abrupt and I had to recheck to see that the book really had ended; that was a bit of a let – down for me, especially after all of the chaos that was happening throughout the story. In the end, this wasn’t really a great read for me and I am definitely on the disappointed side. However, if you like dark thrillers, then you should really consider giving this novel a go – and if you do, please let me know what you think!

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