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Crowning Soul by Sahira Javaid [BLOG TOUR]

Welcome to my tour stop of the Crowning Soul blog tour! This is a new YA fantasy that is inspired by Inuyasha and features a Muslim lead! Thank you Qamar Blog Tours for this amazing opportunity.

Crowning Soul (Heart of Noorenia, #1) book cover

Crowning Soul (Heart of Noorenia, #1)

by Sahira Javaid

Published July 9, 2020 by
Series: Heart of Noorenia
ISBN: 9781777269029

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Be swept away in this unique fantasy debut from Sahira Javaid. A spellbinding adventure of belonging, finding hope and where the price of a soul is another soul’s fate. Perfect for the fans of InuYasha, Children of Blood and Bone and The Candle and The Flame. 

Nezha Zaman considers her gift to control fire a dangerous secret. A secret that unravels when she encounters a vengeful shadow jinni in a maze garden that has been stalking her family, and knows about her power. Weeks after seeing the demonic being, Nezha is torn from her world through her backyard pond and transported into another dimension which sought out the light inside her heart. 

Nezha learns from two unicorns that the dimension is her family’s roots, and the light is a fragment of an angel’s shattered soul. The three must work together to find the soul’s shards in a land teeming with shape-shifting jinn. If Nezha fails to stop the corrupted Iron Prince, the malevolent jinn at his side will shatter her soul next.

Top 3 Fave Elements

Crowning Soul has a very unique plot and there are so many things that I really appreciated about this story!

  • I loved the parallels to the anime/manga Inuyasha! Growing up, this was one of my favourite anime shows so I was happy to see how it inspired this novel. I loved the use of shards and the entire quest idea!
  • This novel does a fantastic job of incorporating Islam and Muslim traditions. It is rare to see such a normalized usage of prayer and faith in a novel, and it was done really well here. I was happy to learn more about the Muslim faith, especially when it was done in such a conscientious way.
  • The author did not spare any details when it came to food and clothing. I fell in love reading about all of the delicious dishes and the colorful clothing available. It made the story come alive for me, and was definitely one of the highlights of the novel!

If this sounds like a novel you would be interested in, be sure to give this book a go! And make sure to visit all of the other blogs participating in this tour!

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