Contemporary, Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries and thrillers lately and this novel is no exception. But I will admit that I’ve become a bit disenchanted with the genre; after a while, all of the books start to sound the same. Trying to find a unique novel can sometimes be very difficult as you start to notice archetypal characters popping up and the twist that you know is about to happen. When I read the premise of this novel, I was expecting it to be just like every other novel. But I was mistaken.

Bennie Rosato is dedicated to her law firm, and never gives herself the time for a social life. She hates losing a case and she rarely ever has. Her biggest regret is a case from thirteen years ago, where 12-year-old Jason Leftavick was sent to a juvenile detention center for fighting a class bully. Bennie was never able to get Jason out and the innocent little boy still haunts her today. When Bennie gets a call from Jason, now a young adult, she rushes to his aid, only to discover that Jason is being accused of murdering the same bully who got him into juvie in the first place. Bennie doesn’t know if he is innocent, but she refuses to let him down again. She will make sure he stays out of prison – come what may.

I think what made this novel unique was the fact that it looked at murder from a lawyer’s perspective. Bennie did not go around trying to hunt for the murderer. Instead, she used solid arguments and evidence to turn things around. Any crime-solving was by luck – and that just made it all brilliant. Bennie’s character is like an onion; you just keep peeling the layers and finding more to love about her. The story itself is riveting and the court proceedings had me in rapt attention. I have been to court before and I have studied law; I was happy to find that the novel was quite accurate in its depiction. If you like Suits or The Good Wife, then this is the book for you! It has a great main character, good story plot, and a unique take to murder. It isn’t just about whodunnit, it’s about justice!

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