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Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke by Anne Blankman

So this is the sequel to Prisoner of Night and Fog and marks the conclusion of this historical fiction tale. I had previously thought that it was a trilogy but I’m much happier with this arrangement; if it had been a trilogy, it may have dragged on for too long and not been as enjoyable. Hopefully I can write this review without too many spoilers!

Gretchen and Daniel have made it out of Germany and are safe in England. Although haunted by her past, Gretchen finally feels free to think of her future. Until news reaches her of the death of Daniel’s brother. When Daniel decides to return to  Germany, Gretchen is worried for his safety. And rightly so. Gretchen soon discovers that Daniel’s identity has been found out and he is now being falsely accused of murder. She must now journey back to the country where she lost everything to face the man that destroyed her life in order to save the one she loves.

This novel was a nice conclusion to the story. It was a bit too sentimental at times; I understand that the main characters were in love but there really was no need for them to CONSTANTLY be declaring it to each other. It wasn’t as good as the first novel but it was definitely enjoyable. I loved that it was based on true historical events and showed who Hitler was before he came into full power. If you liked the first novel, definitely finish the story off! If you’re looking for a new historical fiction to read, give this author a shot!

Happy reading ~

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