Horror (Teen)

Charnel House by Graham Masterton

I know that I have been pretty AWOL in terms of writing in my blog. I recently got accepted into a Master’s program in Neuroscience and I’ve been super busy with moving and getting settled into my research position here. However, I did manage to get some time to read. I decided to choose a horror story to read because I wanted something that would get my heart rate up and keep me on my toes – and I just love the genre in general. So here is my review:

At his job as a sanitation worker, John hears about a lot of complaints regarding old houses. But this is the first time that someone has come in with this complaint: Seymour Willis, who lives at 1551 Pilarcitos Street, insists that he can hear his house breathing and the sound of a hearbeat pounding within the walls. While John is extremely skeptical about this, he decides to go and investigate the source of this noise with his friend, Dan. What they are about to discover will shatter every reasonable fiber that they have. Because there is definitely something living in the home… and it has just threatened to claim their lives.

This was a relatively short horror novel, with extensive detailing that made the story come alive. The story is based on Native American myths on demons, and it was quite obvious that the author had done his homework on the subject. There were quite a few characters that took to the stage – and let me just say that every character has a role to play. This novel was written a while ago and is set in the 1970s, so there are quite a few interesting details that give you insight into how things were at the time. Although there are parts that seem a bit bland, it is an overall solid read that will entertain you and keep you on your toes. If you are looking for a fast, fun, and creepy read, then definitely give this novel a try!

Happy reading ~

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