Historical Fiction

Burning Girls by Veronica Schanoes

I haven’t read a novella in a long time but this one seemed very interesting so I decided to leave off of my longer novels in lieu for this novella.

The story follows a young Jewish girl whose mother is a healer and witch. When it is discovered that the girl also carries this power, her grandmother begins to educate her in the ways of a witch. However, it is a dangerous practice, especially as Poland becomes increasingly hostile. When a demon plagues her family, it is up to this young girl to protect those she loves.

When I first read this premise, I thought it would be more fantasy based but this story ended up being so much more. This was such a refreshing and poignant novella and I really loved every minute of it. The main character is cheeky and practical and just such a unique and amazing protagonist, who really makes you connect with her struggles. This story portrays the struggle of a Jewish family as they try to find peace from persecution, only to discover horror in their new home. I can’t say more without spoiling this story but I really think this novella is one that everyone should read so please do yourself a favour and check out this amazing story!

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