Fiction, Mystery/Thriller

Black Feathers by Robert J. Wiersema

So I’m not a very smart person. I say this because I spent a big chunk of yesterday reading this novel instead of studying for my upcoming (and very important) test on Tuesday, which I’m now probably going to fail. BUT I JUST COULDN’T STOP READING!!! So at the end of the day, I have no regrets.

Cassie has run away from home and is struggling to survive on the streets of Victoria. She is lucky enough to find Skylark, who takes her to a community of street dwellers that is led by Brother Paul. Although Cassie begins to find a sense of camaraderie, it isn’t long before her nightmares – or rather, daymares – begin to  appear. When a serial killer emerges, Cassie must question her own role in the murders as the lines between reality and her dreams begin to blur.

This was quite different from the other books by this author. It was far more sinister and dark, and I absolutely loved it. Cassie is someone you feel sympathy for while also fearing her at the same time. I liked how the story jumped from one character’s perspective to another; it kept me constantly guessing the identity of the killer. This was definitely a thriller that I couldn’t put down and I recommend it to anyone who likes murder mysteries!

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