August Wrap-Up – Books, KDramas, and My Birthday!!

Hello hello!

I’ve been wanting to do a wrap-up for ages, but I’ve never managed to actually get caught up enough to do something like this. Even though, I’m late in posting this, I still wanted to take a moment and look at how I did this month!

With Covid-19 still looming, it has really taken a toll on my mental health. I’ve been trying really hard to stay busy and do things I enjoy. And I actually have a lot to be grateful for – because of Covid, I’ve restarted my blog, have started reading again, and am even taking up dance lessons!

Bookish Things: 

To encourage me to read more, I joined numerous readathons: Trope-ical Readathon, Galleyathon, Diversify That Shelf, and ARC August. Ambitious? Yes. Was it a struggle? DEFINITELY!  I really need someone to restrain me from joining every readathon I see … but the FOMO is real, guys!!

For quick recap, these were the books I was hoping to read for this month!

What did I actually manage to finish?

I also tried but failed to participate in 2 readalongs on Twitter: The Wolf of Oren-Yaro and The Poppy Wars. Although I wasn’t able to keep up with the reading schedule posted, I really enjoyed the unique worldbuilding and storylines! I’m looking forward to reading these books at a later time.

I was also super excited for the chance to participate in a booktube discussion with the amazing Misham; it was more of a rant about The Bookweaver’s Daughter but I had so much fun and it was my first time contributing and being on BookTube so do check it out!

Non-bookish Stuff:

I’ve always loved watching korean dramas, but it’s been a while since I’ve checked any out. Happily enough, I’ve been buddy watching kdramas with Jayati and it has been so much fun! So far, we’ve watched Mystic Pop-Up Bar, which was super cute and definitely a 5 star show! Now, we are watching King: Eternal Monarch – it’s got time travel, Lee Min Ho, and a very complex plot so let’s see how that goes!

I also celebrated my birthday this month! While I didn’t get to really celebrate too much, I was pleasantly surprised to receive so many wonderful birthday wishes from friends I’ve met through the bookish community. As someone who is super shy and afraid to put herself out there, it made me really happy to see so many people reach out to me. So thank you everyone!

I’ve also started up with dance lessons. Until I was 20, I was trained as a Bharatanatyam dancer. But once I began my Masters, I simply couldn’t keep up. The one blessing with Covid-19 is the opportunity for online lessons – my cousin’s dance teacher was willing to give me lessons via Zoom! I’m super out of shape, but I’m having so much fun and I hope to continue dancing in September!

Wow, looking back at this month, I’m actually quite proud of myself! This is the one summer I haven’t worked since the age of 14, and I really took the time to engage more with people, exercise, and (most importantly) READ!

I’m going back to University this fall, and I know my reading is going to slow down… but I’m sure you will see me signing up for far too many readathons and posting tons of reviews (as per usual) anyways!

How was your August?  What were you up to?

How are you managing with Covid-19?

Let’s chat!

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2 thoughts on “August Wrap-Up – Books, KDramas, and My Birthday!!

  1. “I’ve been wanting to do a wrap-up for ages, but I’ve never managed to actually get caught up enough to do something like this.” OMG that’s the biggest mood because Lupe and I’ve been wanting to do this for months but lol nope. Also happy late birthday! I think I forgot (even though I have like 0 excuses because Facebook is persistent about sending those). 🙁 I’m happy to hear you picked up dance lessons again, though, and I hope you’ll contain despite schoolwork and life. It’s been weird for me to adjust to life after college and not having a school schedule, so everything feels just a little out of whack? I guess I’ll eventually get into a routine again maybe.

    1. Ahh thank you for the birthday wishes! Getting into a routine is always the most difficult part but once you do, things start to become better. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself! Hopefully, I can continue doing monthly wrap-ups but I doubt my terrible organizational skills will improve, what with Uni starting up for me in a month!

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