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At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen

After reading Water for Elephants, I was super excited to read this book! I had high expectations, especially since her previous novel had made such a strong impression on me.

When Maggie and Ellis Hyde make a fool of themselves in front of all high society at a party in Philadelphia in 1942, it creates quite a few problems at home. For one thing, Ellis’s father is now completely embarrassed and has sent them away with no money. To save face, Ellis vows to find proof of the Loch Ness Monster, a quest that led to the public shaming of his father many years ago. Maddie, wanting to support her husband, goes along with him and their friend Hank to Ireland to hunt down this monster. What Maddie is going to find out is that the real monster may not be so mythical after all.

This book was quite a let down for me, in all honesty. It lacked depth and seemed more like a preppy Sophie Kinsella novel (not that I don’t like Sophie)! I was hoping for a stronger story line and more character development for Maddie; she was quite weak and flimsy in my opinion. It was a decent enough read but I didn’t connect with it emotionally and it fell short of my expectations. If you want a fluffy read, this is the one. Something deeper? You may have better luck just rereading Water for Elephants.

Happy reading ~

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