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At Rope’s End by Edward Kay

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. James Verraday is a professor of forensic psychology who specializes in criminal profiling. His passion for social justice has been nurtured by his tension-filled past (and present) with the police. So when Detective Constance Maclean appears in Verraday’s lecture room at the end of his class, he gets ready to put up a fight. He definitely didn’t expect that he would be asked to help find a killer. A young woman’s body was found in a cranberry bog south of Seattle, and from the way she was murdered, it is clear that the perpetrator has done this before. The Seattle police believe that they already have their suspect, but Maclean suspects that the man they have in custody is innocent. Verraday reluctantly agrees to use his skills to help with the investigation. Maclean and Verraday soon form an alliance that ties them up in a deadly game with a serial killer whose intelligence makes him almost untouchable.

This was a really nice fast-paced thriller. It was filled with action and there was always something happening in the story. I liked all of the characters, and the author was able to establish good interactions between all of them. Verraday is witty and smart, but far from perfect – which makes him a great protagonist. I wish there had been more to Maclean so that she could be just as strong a character. The duo definitely worked and had good chemistry. The novel explored the world of psychology in great detail, and I was able to reminisce on lessons I had learned in my first year psychology class throughout this novel. All of the explanations worked, and while the story may have been predictable, it was still a good read. My only complaint in terms of plot is that the twist at the end, while also predictable, wasn’t developed as well as the rest of the story, and its explanation, while plausible, was more far-fetched than anything else in the story. Overall, a solid action-packed thriller, and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series!

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