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Ascension by Michelle Bryan – New Bloods Trilogy #2

I received this novel as an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the first book in the series, I remember finding the Western theme interesting but not really liking the main character. My main complaint was that she was a bit too clueless and I wanted her to be able to put the pieces together faster. I was excited to see if the author had made the main character more mature in the second installment of this trilogy.

Tara knows that she is different from those around her but that doesn’t mean she wants to be involved with the rebellion and use her strange powers. But the Prezedant still has Ben, her only remaining kin. And she made a promsie to save him. When they finally reach the city where the Prezedant’s power lies, a masquerade ball becomes the perfect setting in which to go and save Ben. But as the planning for the epic battle begins, Tara will learn truths that will change everything she ever believed in.

I’ll be honest, I still didn’t like Tara. But there were a lot more redeeming points that kept this book in my good graces. For one, I really liked the involvement of the different secondary characters; they weren’t just filler, they actually had a role to play and they had different personalities. I also liked that the author took the time to explain more of the backstory of how things came to be and who the Prezedant is. It helped make the story more cohesive and enjoyable. Just like the first novel, the story was fast-paced with lots of action that kept it an interesting journey. I think I quite liked this novel, in comparison to its prequel. I would recommend this trilogy to pre-teen/teens who like science fiction.

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