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An Unsuitable Job For A Woman by P.D. James

I feel terrible for not having written in so long. There has been so much going on that I’ve barely had the time to think about reading let alone pick up a book. If I’m to be honest, this novel itself is one that was assigned to me in a course. But I truly loved it and I want to read more by this author so I thought it would be wise to write about it here!

When private detective Cordelia Gray arrives to work, she doesn’t expect to find her mentor and business partner, Bernie Pryde, dead in his office. Although he has bequeathed her his business, Cordelia knows that she must hurry to find a means to support herself. When Cambridge dropout Mark Callender is found dead by hanging, the police are quick to dismiss it as a suicide. But Mark’s wealthy father isn’t satisfied with this verdict and calls upon Cordelia to investigate into Mark’s death. What she soon discovers is a world of secrets and lies – with the potential for murder.

I loved that the main detective in this novel was a young female woman. Cordelia is close to my own age, making it easy to relate to her ideas and behaviour. The storyline itself was intriguing and full of depth; I enjoyed reading it immensely. P.D.James is definitely a force to be reckoned with and has published many novels, which I cannot wait to read. If you are looking for a good mystery novel to start, I definitely recommend this one! I also recently discovered that there is a TV show based on this book and I’m looking forward to finding it and watching it. If anyone has read this book or watched the show, do comment below and let me know what you thought of it!

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